Your ticket can be used as an E-ticket or an M-ticket. Both E-Tickets and M-Tickets are available for download through the ticket-holder’s account 21 days before the date of the match. In order to access the stadium you will need a printout of your E-Ticket or a copy of your M-Ticket on your smartphone. Paris Saint-Germain tickets are strictly personal. You will need to show ID with your ticket to gain access to the stadium. Before downloading your E-Ticket or M-Ticket, make sure you have correctly filled out the first and last names of the person who will be attending the match with this ticket.
A ticket-holder can be named and the ticket can be generated up to 2 hours before kick-off. From this point on it will no longer be possible to download your ticket then, making modification is no longer possible.
The correct ticket holder name must be entered before downloading it.
You will need valid ID (ID Card, Passeport, or driving licence) to access to the stadium.


Log in to your account Once your session is open, click on « My Tickets ».
"My Tickets" Tab Click on the « My Tickets» tab, and then select your order from the scroll-down list.
Select your electronic tickets Select your electronic ticket and complete the ticket-holder information by clicking on "Add a beneficiary" in your chosen ticket.
Complete the fields Then fill in the name, surname and email address of the ticket holder.
E-Ticket Save your e-ticket to your computer, or send it by email to the address you entered during the previous step.
M-Ticket Send your M-Ticket by e-mail to the ticket-holder you indicated in step 4.
Print out your E-Ticket Then fill in the name, surname and email address of the ticket holder.
Open your M-Ticket After receiving the e-mail on your smartphone, open the attached file and then add it to the appropriate application : Wallet (Iphone) or PassWallet (Android). This is the only way to ensure a readable M-Ticket.


Come to the stadium with a print-out of your E-Ticket or your M-Ticket on your smartphone (bearing your name), and your ID.
Before you reach your designated gate, our staff will check your ID.
After the security area you will scan the bar-code on your E-Ticket or the QR Code on your M-Ticket and be issued a voucher with your name.
Once you have reached your seating area, you should show your voucher to our welcoming hosts and hostesses who will then be able to lead you to your seat location.