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Paris Saint-Germain squad in Velux EHF Champions League


-FC Barcelona -Pick Szeged -SG Flensburg -Aalborg Handbold -RK Celje -HC Zagreb -Elverum

Velux EHF Champions League stakes for Paris Saint-Germain Handball

An unfortunate finalist in 2017 against the Macedonians of Vardar Skopje, the Parisians have built up a squad tailored to the major European events, and they are aiming to add their name to the Velux EHF Champions League charts for the first time.

In 2017-18, after finishing first in the group stage and then overcoming the KS Kielce obstacle in the quarter-finals, the adventure ended in the semi-finals against HBC Nantes and a very good Cyril Dumoulin. On 2018-19 season, Nikola Karabatic and Nedim Remili's teammates have been defeated at Round of 8 against KS Kielce, despite an amazing performance at Coubertin in the second leg and a 35 - 26 victory.

  • Gfi - HAND
  • Nike - HAND
  • Ooredoo - HAND
  • Bein - HAND
  • Renault - Hand
  • Gaussin

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