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Davantage d'information sur la Ligue des Champions ci-dessous

Paris Saint-Germain Handball group in Champions League


-RK Celje -HBC Nantes -Pick Szeged -SG Flensburg -Skjern Handbold -RK Zagreb -HC Motor

EHF Champions League stakes for Paris Saint-Germain Handball

An unfortunate finalist in 2017 against the Macedonians of Vardar Skopje, the Parisians have built up a squad tailored to the major European events, and they are aiming to add their name to the Champions League charts for the first time.

Last year, after finishing first in the group stage and then overcoming the KS Kielce obstacle in the quarter-finals, the adventure ended in the semi-finals against HBC Nantes and a very good Cyril Dumoulin. Nikola Karabatic and Nedim Remili's team-mates have been defeated at Round of 8 against KS Kielce, despite an amazing performance at Coubertin in the second leg and a 35 - 26 victory.

  • Gfi - HAND
  • Nike - HAND
  • BestDrive - HAND
  • Ooredoo - HAND
  • QNB - HAND
  • Bein - HAND
  • Renault - Hand
  • Onvabosser.fr - HAND

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