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Paris Saint-Germain Handball honours in Coupe de France


-2007 -2014 -2015 -2018

Coupe de France stakes for Paris Saint-Germain Handball

Paris Saint-Germain Handball has the ambition to be competitive in all the competitions in which it participates, and the Coupe de France is an announced objective of the Parisians. Over the last six editions, the Red and Blue have reached the final five times, acquiring three titles, symbolising their desire to put their name in the list of winners of the oldest national cup in France.

Nikola Karabatic's teammates, who have won in 2018 against USAM Nîmes 32-26, Nikola Karabatic's teammates have been defeated in 2019 by Montpellier Handball.

  • Gfi - HAND
  • Nike - HAND
  • Ooredoo - HAND
  • Bein - HAND
  • Renault - Hand
  • Gaussin

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