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Dijon Football Côte-d'Or

Founded in 2006, the women's section of Dijon Football Côte-d'Or has been constantly evolving since its creation, with a strong emphasis on training. The team discovered Division 1 under the direction of Yannick Chandioux, at the end of a historic 2017-18 season that saw them take first place in Group B of Division 2.

The club has been chaired since 2016 by Sébastien Larcier, a former Dijon Football Côte-d'Or player between 2003 and 2008.

In 2011 and as Division 2 residents, the Dijon women obtained what remains to this day their best result on the national level with a Coupe de France semi-final.

Dijon Football Côte-d'Or

  • Division 1 Arkema
    Day 3
    Saturday, September 14th

    Date to be confirmed
    PARIS Saint-Germain Dijon FCO Féminines
    PARIS Saint-Germain
    Dijon FCO Féminines

Previous encounters

Paris SG - Dijon FCO

On October 20th, 2018, Paris Saint-Germain took on Dijon Football Côte-d'Or for the first time as part of Division 1 matchday 7. The Red and Blue had won 2-0 thanks to Diani and Katoto's goals. The Parisian women had defeated them 2 - 0 in Dijon for matchday 18, thanks to goals from Diallo and Baltimore.

This season, the Parisians will be receiving Dijon on matchday 3. The return match will be held in March on matchday 18.

Did you know?

During the 2017 - 18 season, the Dijon women achieved a simply historic season, allowing the club to join Division 1 for the first time in its history. The Reds thus punctuated the season with 18 wins in 22 matches, also finishing as the best attack of the championship with nearly 3 goals per match and a notably 8 - 1 victory in the last day against Nîmes.

Player to watch

Kenza Dali

Born on July 31st, 1991 in Sainte-Colombe, Kenza Dali has been playing at Dijon Football Côte-d'Or since the summer of 2018 and the end of her loan to LOSC. Trained at Olympique Lyonnais, she discovered the UEFA Women's Champions League in 2011 with Paris Saint-Germain, making her first appearance in the competition.
A French international since 2013, she was competing in the 2015 World Cup in Canada with Les Bleues, who were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Germany.

Official photo of Dijon Football Côte-d'Or against Paris Saint-Germain

Discover Dijon Football Côte-d'Or official squad for the game against Paris Saint-Germain. 

Stade des Poussots

Since the club's creation in 1988, the Stade des Poussots has been the key venue for the Dijon Football Côte-d'Or. Located in the heart of the professional team training centre, the complex also hosts all the youth teams of the Dijon club. The enclosure has a covered side stand and a synthetic ground.


204 rue d’Auxonne

21 000 Dijon


Located on the southern outskirts of the city on the banks of the Suzon, Stade des Poussots is easily accessible by car, with many parking facilities available in the surrounding area. 

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