How to buy your ticket safely

For years, the ticketing world has been confronted with problems of counterfeit ticket scams, having a negative impact on the organisers and spectators of sporting events.

These unofficial resales, generally called black market, are the source of many scams that affect many Paris Saint-Germain fans from all over the world every year.

These illegal sales have a direct impact on the experience that we wish for our fans when they come to the Parc des Princes. In addition to the impact on the control of our distribution channels, the black market has many risks for our fans.

Buying tickets from a third party or from any other site than the official Paris Saint-Germain ticketing website and Viagogo involves risks for the buyer:

  • Access to the stadium

    Being denied to access the stadium on match day (false ticket, duplicate ticket)

  • Receipt of ticket

    Being faced with the possibility of never receiving your ticket

  • Ticket price

    Buying a ticket at a higher price

    than the original price

You have bought a ticket for a match at the Parc des Princes and you are no longer available?

On Ticketplace, you can easily resell your tickets at the price of your choice to other Paris Saint-Germain fans.

Every match, more than 10,000 tickets are resold on the platform at different prices, and in the different stands. 

You are bound to find yours!