Become a VIP for a match


Considering the COVID 19 sanitary crisis’ deterioration, the Government has announced on October 28th the set up of a new lockdown until December 1st.

The professional sport meetings (including the games at the Parc des Princes) will take place, but will be played behind closed doors. Therefore, there will be no ticket sales and as you probably guessed, all the information below on this page can only be considered if we welcome our public at the stadium.

We can’t wait to re-open the doors of your stadium to quiver together again!

The advantages of a VIP ticket :

  •  VIP access
     With your own VIP entrance 
  •  Conciergerie service (only in Borelli stand)
     If you have any requests or requirements, just ask and we will bring it to you.
  •  Locker room
     Leave your belongings with us so you don’t have to worry about them during the match.
  •  Catering service
     A delicious buffet served before the match and/or during half-time and/or after the final   whistle, according to the chosen formula.  
  •  Drinks
     Enjoy unlimited drinks
  •  Reserved seat
     In the stands, with unhindered views of the pitch.
  • A high-definition experience
    WiFi and screens are available all over the lounge.

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