The big Paris Saint-Germain season ticket holders family is now fully booked in 2020-21, for now ... 

No more bets... After allowing all our MyParis members and more than 18,000 people registered on our waiting list to enjoy a priority on Paris Saint-Germain season tickets sales, we are now sold out for 2020-21.

But stay focus, there a chance to find some season tickets on sale again, even after the season started!

2020-21 Season tickets: SOLD OUT!

COVID-19: All the information on season tickets

Do you have questions about the impact of the health crisis on Paris Saint-Germain season tickets? We understand, and we bring you all the answers!

COVID-19 | Info Season Ticket

Le Virage: SOLD OUT

Unfortunately, the offer "Le Virage" is already sold out. But don't blame yourself: all the 2019-20 season ticket holders had a priority to renew their season ticket and very few of them put an end to it. The maximum number of season ticket holders is therefore already reached for the le Virage .

Tribune: SOLD OUT

The Tribune offer was a victim of its success and is no longer available.

Club Premier: SOLD OUT

The Paris Saint-Germain Club Premier season ticket offer is also sold out!

Already a season ticket holder?

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Lest's go!