The season tickets are sold out for 2021-22!

You knew it, the seats were few and the sesame was precious: all the season tickets for the 2021-22 season at the Parc des Princes have been sold.

You could not get a season ticket this time, but don't worry, you'll still be able to attend the best matches of the coming season. With tickets available directly on and tickets on resale on Ticketplace, you're bound to find something you like!

We can't wait to see you again to be able to dream bigger, harder, stronger!

1 season ticket - 1 seat at Parc des Princes for

According to the type of season ticket*
All the matches
* For Le Virage season ticket - All matches up to the semi-finals, included
For Tribune and Club Premier season ticket - All matches with an additional fee from the quarter finals

Season ticket offers

Select the season ticket offer that suits you

Club Premier offer - sold out

Seat in the lower or middle stands

You don't need to know that a season without the atmosphere of the stadium is a long time! A season without high-speed races, without swirling technical moves, without the sound of the ball slamming into the net, without the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

Make yourself comfortable and sit close to the players, let the show begin!

You will have priority over Le Virage, Tribune, MyParis and General Public season ticket for the purchase of additional seats at the Parc as well as for travel, even for major matches.

And for European matches? Your seat for possible ¼ and ½ finals of European competitions is also included in your season ticket, with a supplement.

  • Resell of your seat

    Authorized and unlimited.

  • Loan of your season ticket

    Authorized and unlimited.

  • Buy tickets

    Priority 1 for the purchase of additional tickets.

Triune offer - sold out

Seat in ¼ of a corner, Boulogne corner or side corner

Last season was not easy, with the TV as your only window, you could not analyze the matches as you used to do at the stadium: to be ecstatic about a perfect assist, to observe the positioning of your favorite players. Get a panoramic view of everything that's going on. You won't miss a single action, not a single play, not a single trajectory of the ball.

Turn your family and friends into experts, or become one!

With the Tribune season ticket, you have priority for the purchase of additional seats at the Parc, but also for travel... including major matches!

  • Resell of your seat

    Authorized and unlimited.

  • Loan of your season ticket

    Authorized and unlimited.

  • Buy tickets

    Priority 2 for the purchase of additional tickets.

Le Virage Offer - SOLD OUT

This offer is unfortunately sold out

  • Resell of your seat

    Authorized within the limit of 10 per season.

  • Loan of your season ticket

    Authorized within the limit of 10 per season.

  • Buy tickets

    Priority 2 for the purchase of additional tickets.

Tailor-made services

  • Resell of your seat

    You bought a ticket and you can't assist the game? Don't panic! Resell your ticket on our official Ticketplace.

  • Loan of your season ticket

    You have a season ticket and you can't assist the match? Go to your personal space to lend your precious pass to a friend or family member.

  • Mon Abo app

    Access your dedicated mobile application to see your dematerialized season ticket card and manage your season ticket with ease.

  • Choice of your direct debit

    Opt for cash payment or monthly payment of your direct debits.

Your MyParis benefits

You are a season ticket holder? Then you are automatically a MyParis member! Take advantage of the exclusive benefits of the official Paris Saint-Germain loyalty program, in addition to your season ticket!

  • Try to meet your favorite players
  • Live unique experiences in the heart of the Parc
  • Win exclusive prizes
  • Get a 10% discount in all stores
  • Access to PSG TV Premium

Frequently asked questions

  • General
  • Le Virage
  • Side stands and Boulogne
  • How does the waiting list work ?

    By registering on our waiting list, you will be assigned a seat. When it's your turn, you'll receive a notification that a seat for the subscription of your choice is available. Even if your seat seems very far away, don't lose hope, last season almost 60% of the subscriptions were obtained by supporters positioned beyond the 12,000th place.

  • When will my subscription be charged?

    If you have chosen a "cash" payment, the amount of your subscription will be debited before the beginning of the season. If you have chosen to pay in monthly instalments, the first instalment will be debited before the start of the season. But beware: as at the beginning of the 2020-2021 season, if the health situation is not favorable for all Paris Saint-Germain season ticket holders, the Club will not proceed with any debit for all its individual season ticket holders in Club Premier, Tribune and Le Virage offers. If subscriptions cannot be activated and only limited capacity is allowed, the Club will continue to offer priority sales to its subscribers on available tickets and credit notes can of course be used.

  • Can I choose my payment method?

    When you subscribe, you will have the choice of paying in cash or in monthly installments. The full amount, or the first monthly payment, will be taken before the start of the season.

  • Can I change my places during the season?

    No, changing seats is only available before the season starts. We will give you the opportunity very soon. You will soon be able to watch the matches from a different angle or get together with a group of friends to enjoy a different experience at the Parc des Princes. We will communicate with you as soon as this feature is available.

  • Do I have priority on purchasing tickets?

    If your membership cannot be activated - in case the stadium capacity is limited - we will set up priority sales for you on available tickets, according to your priority level. If you have a credit note, it can of course be used. Priority 1 - VIP members Priority 2 - Premier Club members Priority 3 - Tribune, le Virage and MyParis members Priority 4 - Alert subscribers and general public.

Come back to Parc
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