Harder, greater, stronger with you!

Season 2020-21 was a particular one for each and every one of you. Even away from the Parc des Princes, you stood as one behind Paris Saint-Germain. We are more than ever united by our passion and all want to make PSG harder, greater and stronger with you.

Together, we went through all the emotions and difficulties, and we proved once again that PSG is a great family!

You are a faithful season-ticket holder and we hope to see you very soon in the stands to shiver and celebrate!

Season 2021-22: let's meet again and support PSG stronger than ever!

Don't miss your return to the Parc des Princes! 3 offers, 3 experiences, only 1 passion: Virage, Tribune, Club Premier, find all your season ticket's details for the 2021-22 season!

We can confirm that your credit note, if you have one, is considered when calculating your next season ticket's price (see below). This deduction will be operated when comes the first debit of the season, if your credit note wasn't used before that time. You can check your credit note value anytime on Your Account.

Le Virage: Feeling the Auteuil heat

The Auteuil stand is the Parc des Princes' volcano. Chanting, cheering, vibrate at the PSG's rhythm to honor our colors.

Thanks to your season ticket, your tickets for the quarter and semi-finals of the European competitions are guaranteed. Paris Saint-Germain will always need you in the most important moments.

If you need to sell or lend your season ticket for a game, it's possible, within a limit of 10 sales and 10 loans.

Already a Virage season ticket holders? Don't worry: your season ticket is automatically reconducted on your current seat for the next season.

If you want to, you are now able to change your seat by selecting a new one among rhe available seats.

Tribune: PSG means togetherness

Enjoy Paris Saint-Germain games and the atmosphere of the Parc des princes in lateral, Boulogne, or corner stands. The Tribune offer welcomes children and adults to celebrate all together.

Your ticket for the nicest European games (quarter and semi-finals by automatic debit) are guaranteed! You will also be more flexible when it comes to managing the lending and selling of your ticket, without any limit!

Already a Tribune season ticket holders? Don't worry: your season ticket is automatically reconducted on your current seat for the next season.

Just like all the other season ticket holders, you are now able to change your seat by selecting a new one among the available seats.

Club Premier: prestige, excellence and exclusivity

Being in the Club Premier means living your Paris Saint-Germain passion without any limit and enjoy even harder the Parc des Princes.

All our teams are at your disposal to help you live an unforgettable moment during the entire season.

the best games will always be with you: the Club Premier season ticket holders have the priority on all Paris Saint-Germain ticketing offers.

With an ideal point of view brought by the central seats in the lower lateral stands, you will be 2 feets away from the players. Feel all the games' emotions as if you were on the pitch playing the 12th man.

Already a Club Premier season ticket holders? Don't worry: your season ticket is automatically reconducted on your current seat for the next season.

Your available options

Discover right now the available actions on your personal space, "My Season Ticket" page.

  • Termination

    You unfortunately have to leave us? You have the possibility to terminate your Paris Saint-Germain season ticket now. We will miss you, and you will always be a member of the great PSG family.

  • Payment method

    Single or monthly payment? It's you call! You can already change your payment method of your season ticket if you want to.

  • Change seat/offer

    You want to change your seat of offer? Depending on the availabilities, you now have the opportunity to do so when the functionality is accessible! Get a chance to re-discover the Parc with a different angle!

  • Changing bank information

    Less paper, more speed! Discover the possibility to change your bank information directly from your personal space.

  • Get closer to a friend/family

    The Parc des Princes is conviviality before anything else! And what could be better than sharing your passion with a close friend or family to create more intense memories? You are now able to use the "Get closer to my friend and family" functionality, always depending on availabilities.

  • Create my group

    You are a Boulogne stand season ticket holder? Great news: the group module is now available to live your Red and Blue passion more united than ever!

Season ticket card is over

As you probably know, Paris Saint-Germain is dedicated every day to preserve the planet. As a central point of our eco-friendly policy, your season ticket card will be digitalized and only be available on your smartphone. And because we know that saying goodbye to the card will be a hard time, we are bringing back an all-time classic of the Parc des Princes: the match program! Before every game, you will receive a program with exclusive content.

Your Paris Saint-Germain season ticket

  • As a Paris Saint-Germain season ticket-holder do I have priority when it comes to buying tickets?

    Yes, you have priority for buying additional tickets on the club’s official ticketing website. You will receive a notification email, sent to the address linked to your season ticket account, as soon as the priority ticket windows open

  • How do I create my own group of season ticket-holders?

    If you sit in the Tribune Boulogne, you can create your own group of season ticket-holders and sit with them all on matchdays. You can also use your group to sell all your tickets together to other groups of fans.

  • How do I change my bank details?

    Changing your bank details couldn’t be easier:
    1. Go to the "MY SEASON TICKET" section on the ticketing website
    2. Click on the "MY DIRECT DEBITS" and then on "CHANGE MY BANK DETAILS"
    3. Enter your new bank details

  • How do I change my address?

    Changing your address couldn’t be easier:
    1. Go to the MY SEASON TICKET section on the ticketing website
    2. Click on CHANGE MY ADDRESS
    3. Enter your new address

  • How do I cancel my season ticket?

    Want to cancel your season ticket subscription? At the end of every season there is a one-month period during which you can cancel your subscription. We will send you an email notifying you when the cancellation period begins.

    Good to know: Once the one-month cancellation period is closed, you cannot cancel your season ticket for the following season.

  • How can I change my seat and/or package?

    You can only change your seat and/or season ticket package at the end of the season and subject to availability at the time. Keep your eye out for packages when they become available.

  • What is the MyParis Membership program?

    The MyParis loyalty scheme allows you to indulge your passion for PSG to the full! As a season ticket holder, you are automatically part of the MyParis program, so you can enjoy discounts in the online store and many other advantages.