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Welcome to the FAQ page of Paris Saint-Germain Handball! 

Do you have any questions about the services on offer at Paris Saint-Germain Handball? Season tickets, ticket purchase, how to get to the Coubertin stadium, away games... Look no further, we have everything covered!


In this very special period, you may have many questions about the use of your credit, and rightly so.
It is therefore time for clarification and the Paris Saint-Germain Ticketing Department has taken the lead in providing you with as many details as possible in this FAQ.


  • Are you currently a PSG Handball subscriber?
  • Are you in possession of a credit note issued for the 2019/20 season?
  • What do I need to know about my credit?
  • How long is my credit valid for?

    In accordance with the provisions of Ordinance No. 2020-538 of 7 May 2020 taken in application of the Health Emergency Law of March 23, 2020, a credit note corresponding to the value of cancelled access tickets was issued to you at the end of the 2019-2020 season.

    Your credit note is valid for 18 months from the date on which we sent you the first proposal for using the credit note.

    If you are a Paris Saint-Germain Handball subscriber for the 2020-2021 season, you will soon receive more information about the credit that will be issued to you at the end of the season.

  • Is it possible to get a refund of my credit?

    You will have the possibility to ask for a refund of the available balance of your credit at the end of the 18 months of validity only.

  • Where can I consult the amount and/or the period of validity of my credit?

    A "My Credit Slips" section is accessible from your personal space. It has been specially designed to allow you to consult the amount available and/or the period of validity of your credit at any time.

  • Can I use my credit on all the club's platforms?

    Your credit is only valid on the club's ticketing system. You cannot use it to make a purchase in the club shop, for example.

  • If tickets are on sale, how can I use my credit?

    In the hope that we will soon be able to offer tickets for sale at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin, you will be able to use your credit note to pay for your ticket(s). The credit note will be the pre-selected payment option.
    If the amount of your credit note is less than the total price of the order, you can pay the difference by credit card.
    If the amount of your credit note is higher than the total price of the order, the remaining balance of your credit note will be automatically updated and can be consulted from the "My Credit Slips" section of your personal space.

  • Will my credit note be taken into account if I become a subscriber of Paris Saint-Germain handball?

    If we are lucky enough to have you as a subscriber next season (2021-2022), your credit note will be taken into account in the payment of your subscription. If you have chosen to pay by monthly direct debit, your credit note will be deducted from your subscription fee and a new repayment schedule will be calculated from this total. If you have opted for a cash payment, the deduction will be made at the time of the single payment.



  • What is the difference between an e-ticket and an m-ticket?

    E-tickets are printable tickets, presented on paper at the stadium entrances.  

    M-tickets are designed for smartphones and enable you to scan your own ticket at the stadium entrances, using your phone. After you have received your confirmation email on your smartphone, open the attached file and add it to the appropriate app: Passbook (iPhone) or PassWallet (Android). This is the only way to ensure your m-ticket can be read by the scanner. 

    For more information, visit https://billetterie.psg.fr/en/hand/practical-information/e-ticket-m-ticket   

  • How do I download my e-tickets or m-tickets?

    E-tickets are available to download 21 days before the match, in the MY TICKETS section of your account.

    You must assign the tickets to the final ticket-holders before downloading/sending them as e-tickets.

  • Do I have to print my e-tickets?

    No, you can also present them as m-tickets on your smartphone. To do this, select the SEND M-TICKET option in the MY TICKETS section of your account. Please maximise your phone screen’s brightness setting when scanning your m-ticket. 

    (Please note: If your phone screen is cracked, the scanner will not be able to read your m-ticket.)


  • How do I get to Pierre de Coubertin stadium?
    • By car: If you want to travel to Pierre de Coubertin stadium by car, take the Porte de Saint-Cloud exit on the ring road. 
      The Point du Jour car park is just opposite Pierre de Coubertin stadium, between Avenue du Stade de Coubertin and Avenue Félix d’Hérelle.
    • By metro: You can travel to Pierre de Coubertin stadium on line 9 (get off at Porte de Saint-Cloud).
    • By bus: No.22, 62, 72, 175, 189, 289, and PC1 all stop at Porte de Saint Cloud. Bus No.189 stops just outside Pierre de Coubertin stadium.
    • By Vélib: The following Vélib stations are located near Pierre de Coubertin stadium: 
      Station No.16042, 120 Boulevard Murat
      Station No.21021, opposite 128 rue des Enfants du Paradis
      Station No.16044, 24 avenue de la Porte de Saint Cloud 
  • When are the dates and times of the matches confirmed?

    The dates and times of the matches may be changed by the National Handball League up until 10 days before the match. 

    You can see the calendar of fixtures on our website by clicking here.


  • What time do the Pierre de Coubertin stadium gates open?

    The gates open 90 minutes before throw-off. We recommend getting to the stadium as early as possible.

    Do not forget your ticket – either printed out or downloaded onto your smartphone – and your proof of ID.

    Please note: Once you leave the stadium, you will not be allowed back in. 

  • Are there any refreshments available inside Pierre de Coubertin stadium?

    There is a refreshment area in the stadium’s entrance hall, near Gate 1.

  • Is there a left luggage office in Pierre de Coubertin stadium?

    There is a left luggage area for helmets, small bags, umbrellas, etc. at the stadium entrance.  



  • How do I take advantage of my season ticket-holder benefits: priority purchase?

    As a season ticket-holder, you will benefit from a priority purchase window when tickets go on sale for the final phases of the various competitions, providing we qualify.

  • How do I lend my season ticket to someone

    If you wish to lend your season ticket to someone else, log into your ticketing account then head to the MY TICKETS section. Select the match in question then enter the full name and email address of the recipient.

    Good to know: As soon as your request is approved, an electronic ticket will be issued and emailed to the recipient. 

  • How can I donate my season ticket for a match?

    If you would like to give your ticket away to a charity for a game, click on the MY TICKETS section in your account. Select the match in question and click on DONATE.

    Please note: Once you have donated your ticket, you cannot revoke the donation. 

  • Can I put my ticket up for resale?

    At this moment in time, season tickets for Paris Saint-Germain Handball cannot be resold on Ticketplace. 

  • Can I cancel my season ticket during the season?

    Season tickets can only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances during the season and upon presentation of proof (death certificate, moving outside the Île de France region, etc).

  • How do I change my bank details?

    You can change your bank details by going to the MY SEASON TICKET section on the ticketing website.


    You can then enter your new bank details. 



8 - Contact

  • How to contact us?

    If you have not found the answer to your question, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or phone:

    For questions related to ticketing:

    For questions related to season ticket:

    • e-mail: abonnement@psg.fr
    • phone: 09 70 55 75 75 (free line dedicated to season ticket holders)

    For questions related to the store service: