Paris vs Vardar

Vardar in brief

The Vardar Skopje handball section was founded in 1961 within the all-round club of the same name. The club took part in the championship of the former Yugoslavia for almost 30 years. 

HC Vardar Skopje won ten national championships and eight national cups. In addition to its domestic competitions and the EHF Champions League, HC Vardar also takes part in the South East Handball Association League since the 2011/2012 season and has won this competition 5 times. 

This league gathers teams from Eastern Europe such as Veszprem, Zagreb, Meshkov Brest or Celje. 

In 2013/2014 Vardar Skopje participates for the first time in the EHF Champions League. Three years later, the Macedonians surprised everyone by winning their first Champions League. In the Final 4, they knocked out Barcelona in the semi-final and beat PSG in the final, also in the very last moments.

In the EHF Champions League Final 4 2016-17, the club knocked out Barcelona at the buzzer in the semi-final, before beating PSG in the very last moments of the final.

Previous encounter

The Parisians crossed paths with the Macedonians twice in the Final 4 of the EHF Champions League. In 2017, the Vardar won the final against the Red & Blue 23-24. 

In 2018, in a Final 4 in the presence of Montpellier, Nantes, Paris and the Vardar, the Parisians won the match for 3rd place by a one-goal margin, 29-28.

On their encounter on May 27th, 2018, Nedim Remili was voted Man of the match.

Players to follow


Dainis Kristopans

Right Back 27/09/1990
Born on September 27th, 1990, in Ludza, Latvia, Dainis Kristopans is a Latvian international playing right-back. He is 7.1 feet tall, and a formidable striker. He joined Vardar Skopje in 2017 and won the EHF Champions League in 2019 with the Macedonian national team. After 3 seasons in Macedonia, he joined Paris Saint-Germain Handball in the summer of 2020.

Stojance Stoilov

Line Player 30/04/1987
Born on April 30th,1987, in Skopje (Northern Macedonia), Stojanče Stoilov is a Macedonian international playing in the pivot position. After training at Metalurg Skopje, he joined HC Vardar Skopje in 2011 and is currently captain. In the red and black jersey, he will contribute to Vardar's most successful decade, winning 2 Champions League, 5 SEHA Leagues, 6 national championships and 6 Macedonian Cup.

Centre Sportif Jane Sandanski

Built in 1980, destroyed in 2013 and completely rebuilt in 2014, the Jane Sandanski Sports Centre hosts the Vardar Skopje matches in one of the warmest venues in Europe. With an initial capacity of 6,500 spectators, work in 2015 will increase the capacity to 7,500 seats.

Bubl. Avnoj b.b
1000 Skopje
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Practical information
The Jane Sandanski Sports Center is located in the south-east of Skopje in the Aerodrom district. It can be reached on foot in 25 minutes from Skopje Central Station. Skopje International Airport is 21 km away. To reach the city centre from the airport, take the A1 and then the A4.