Paris vs Sparta Praha

Sparta Praha in brief

Emblematic representative of Czech soccer, Sparta Praha or Sparta Prague can count on both its men's and women's sections to carry the club's colors high. 
The debut of the Czech women's team was, however, a timid one. As early as 1970, the women's team found themselves in the shadow of their direct opponent, Slavia Praha, the second largest club in the capital of the Czech Republic. It was only in 1974 that Sparta Praha won its first derby against its now historic opponent. Two years later, the team won its first title. 
After that, the Czech players went on to win no less than 20 titles in the Czech Women's Football League (Liga Zen).
These impressive performances have led to Sparta Praha's participation in the UEFA Women's Champions League on several occasions, including the 2005-2006 campaign when the Czech team had its best result by reaching the quarter-finals. 

Sparta Praha performances

Sparta Praha is unsurprisingly the favorite to win the league, even though their opponents are very close in the standings. 
After a few complicated seasons in the Champions League, Sparta Praha managed to reach the round of 16 after a double victory against Glasgow City.
In the first leg, the Red and Blue have defeated them 5-0, with goals from Katoto, Bachmann, Lawrence and Luana. Despite a 3-0 defeat by forfeit in the second leg, the Parisians qualified for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Women's Champions League.

Players to follow



Midfielder 02/15/1995
Born on February 15th, 1995, in Amberg, Germany, Sara Däbritz is a German international playing in midfield. After eight seasons in the Bundesliga, first with SC Freiburg for four seasons and then with Bayern Munich, she joined Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2019. For her first season in Paris, she started off very strong, scoring three goals in the first five games. Proof of her ability to attack from the outset, her third goal came in the 4th minute during the trip to Fleury.

Irena Martínková

Midfielder 09/19/1986
Irena Martínková is a 34-year-old experienced midfielder. Apart from a season in Sweden at the club Orebo with her twin sister Lucie Martínková in the 2013-2014 season, Irena Martínková has spent most of her career at Sparta Praha. The Czech footballer is also known as an excellent goal scorer. Thanks to these two goals Irena Martínková released her team to qualify for the round of 16 of the Champions League and join the Paris Saint-Germain. In the national team, she participates greatly in the success of her team by being both in the heart of the game and finishing.

Strahov Stadium

Opened in 1926, Strahov Stadium is located in Prague in the Strahov district. It is one of the largest sports stadiums in the world with a capacity of almost 220,000 people, including 56,000 seats. Throughout history, the stadium has been used mainly as a training ground and has also hosted major concerts such as Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. 
Today, the stadium is used as a training ground for the iconic Czech club, Sparta Praha and also hosts the home games of the women's section of this club. 

Vaníčkova 100/6, 169 00 Praha 6-Strahov, Tchéquie
169 00 Prague
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Practical information
Located on the city outskirts of Prague, Strahov Stadium is easily accessible by bus and tram (twenty minutes from the city center) and also by car (5 minutes from the city center).