Paris vs Gornik Leczna

Gornik Leczna in brief

Gornik Leczna is a Polish team whose women's section was established in 2002.

After several seasons in the Polish lower divisions, the team manages to join the elite and first division in the 2009-2010 season. Since then, the club has continued to improve, as reflected in their 3 consecutive Ekstraliga (Polish first division) championship titles between 2018 and 2020, Polish Cup victories in 2018 and 2020 and appearances in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League.

By making a stunning start to the 2020-2021 season in Ekstrzliga, TME UKS SMS, seems to be the most serious rival to the succession of the Polish Championship title. However, Piotr Mazurkiewicz, coach of Gornik Leczna's team since the beginning of their ascension to the highest level, has ambitious sporting goals for his team.

Gornik Leczna and the UWCL Women's Champions League

After losing in the qualifying round of the UEFA Women's Champions League last season, Gornik Leczna is dreaming bigger this season. In order to qualify for the Round of 16 against the Red and Blue, the Polish team defeated the Croatian team Split (4-1) and the Cypriot team Apollo (2-1).

Paris Saint-Germain twice defeated the Polish team 2-0 in the first leg and 6-1 in the second leg to advance to the Round of 16.

Players to follow


Irène Paredes

Defender 04/07/1991
Born on 4 July 1991 at Legazpi in Spain, Irene Paredes is a Spanish international player playing as a central defender. She began her professional career with Real Sociedad in 2008 before joining Athletic Bilbao two years later. She joins the Red and Blue in 2016 to become a central figure in the Parisian defence. She was named captain of Paris Saint-Germain from the 2019/2020 season. A key member of the Spanish national team, it was at the Stade Océane in Le Havre that the 2019 Women's World Cup kicked off for her with a 3-1 victory for La Roja over South Africa.

Nikola Karczewska

FORWARD 16/10/1999
Nikola Karczewska, 21, is a striker with the Polish club Gornik Leczna. Her professional career began in 2019 at UKS SMS Łódź, before she transferred to Gornik Leczna in the same year, where she played an important part in winning their title that season. Her growing potential and performance enabled her to be selected for the Polish national team in the same year.

Stadion Miejski w Lecznej or Stadion Gornika Leczna

Inaugurated in 2003, Stadion Miejski w Łęcznej or Stadion Górnika Łęczna (literally the Leczna City Stadium or Gornik Leczna Stadium) is the official venue of the women's and men's section of Gornik Leczna. This stadium, located in Leczna, Poland, has a total capacity of 7,200 seats.


Aleja Jana Pawła II 13
21-010 Łęczna, Pologne
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Practical information
Located in the city centre of Leczna, the Gornik Leczna Stadium is easily accessible on foot from the Polish medium-sized town. Buses are still available from Lublin, the nearest big city (about 30 minutes from the stadium) with an airport.